Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the only accountancy body whose members hold an internationally recognised qualification in management accountancy. It is the only international body with a sole focus on accounting in business. CIMA qualified accountants posssess the multiple skills that businesses require today and for the future.

Ensuring compliance and adding value to your business

CIMA qualified accountants operate within all areas of organisations, both the private and public sectors. They are uniquely equipped with the skills to:

  • Provide professional services that ensure all the regulatory requirements of your buisness are met accurately and on time so you can focus on core business whilst ensuring compliance with the law
  • Ensure that your business satifies all its statutory reporting obligations
  • Maintain suitable accounting records for your business as required by law, to meet your reporting needs as well as manage your business.

What service can I expect to receive as a client?

A CIMA qualified accountant will provide a service which includes the drawing up of statutory financial statements, submission of tax returns to HMRC and provision of management accounting services.

A CIMA accountant is expected to provide a quality, accurate service. CIMA's Charter and Byelaws aim to ensure compliance with the principles of uprightness, accuracy and justice, and should characterise members dealings with clients.

How does a CIMA qualified accountant differ from any other accountant?

Chartered Management Accountants not only have to complete their professional exams, but undergo supervised training over a number of years before they can be elected to membership. CIMA has a strong Code of Ethics and robust conduct process to back up its members' professional status. Under CIMA regulations, all members must keep themselves up to date and ensure their competence to tackle their expected work, via continued professional development (CPD).

CIMA believes that its members have a distinct advantage in the market over other accountants because of the highly relevant experience they all gain during training; experience which ensures that they really know about business.

How does CIMA ensure the integrity of its menbers working in practice?

In addition to regular monitoring by their professional institute of their CPD, CIMA Members in Practice must observe high standards of organisation. They are also supervised for Anti-Money Laundering by CIMA, acting as a designated Supervisory Authority under the UK's Money Laundering Regulations.

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